BN.HARUN-YAHYA.NET - সিনেমা / চলচ্চিত্র - সম্প্রতি যোগ হয়েছেbnCopyright (C) 1994 1BN.HARUN-YAHYA.NEThttp://bn.harun-yahya.net denounces terrorism (Bengali) This film, produced by the Science Research Foundation, a Harun Yahya institution, presents the Muslim response to and denunciation of terrorism. Beginning with the event of September 11, the film explains that all kinds of violence against civilians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious terms. It is also stressed that terrorism is an inherent feature of secular ideologies like communism, fascism and racism. In contrast, all theistic religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - are opposed to terrorism and their ultimate goal is to bring peace and brotherhood to mankind.

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THE SIGNS OF THE LAST DAY - BENGALIসিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/9030/the-signs-of-the-lastসিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/9030/the-signs-of-the-lastThu, 28 Aug 2008 18:46:10 +0300THE MIRACLES OF THE QUR’AN (BD)The unique style of the Qur’an, which was revealed 14 centuries ago, and the superior wisdom it represents are definite proof that it is the word of Allah. Additionally, the Qur’an has many miraculous aspects which prove that it is sent by Allah. One of them is that some scientific facts, which we have only been able to discover by the technology of the 20th century, were stated in the Qur’an 1400 years ago. These facts which could not have been known at the time of the Qur’an’s revelation once again show to the man of today that the Qur’an is the word of Allah.]]>সিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2688/the-miracles-of-the-quranসিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2688/the-miracles-of-the-quranThu, 27 May 2004 16:48:50 +0300THE MIRACLE IN THE CELL (BD)In the one and a half centuries that have passed since Darwin’s day, giant steps have been taken in science and technology. Scientists discovered the structure of the cell. They saw with surprise that the cell has a system so complex as to have been unimaginable in Darwin’s time. This great documentary reveals this design in the cell with sophisticated computer graphics.]]>সিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2687/the-miracle-in-the-cellসিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2687/the-miracle-in-the-cellThu, 27 May 2004 16:45:03 +0300THE CREATION OF UNIVERSE (BD)In this film,you will see how modern astronomy and physics imply a fact that materialists are unwilling to accept, that is, the existence of a Creator.]]>সিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2686/the-creation-of-universe-(bd)সিনেমা--চলচ্চিত্র/2686/the-creation-of-universe-(bd)Thu, 27 May 2004 16:37:34 +0300